Sunday, July 6, 2014

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She was screaming and bucking. I canceled pliers, adjusted his grip and turned it 360, maybe 450 degrees around to the other side. All four limbs pulling hard against their bonds while those precious tears began to trickle.

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Picture of shamales -UGH-ARG-EHH-ooo "exploded from her as her head jerked up and her body contract. EEEEEEEEEEEEOOOWWWWWYYYEEE- I put the pliers on her right nipple and gave him a hard 360 degrees. "


Her face grew red, and I saw the beginning of a tear, and I just had to have it. , the worlds hottest shemale  image of the worlds hottest shemale . EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYY! " I played it again. " AAA-YYYYEEE-OOO, "she said, her voice an octave or two higher than before.


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